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It’s taken longer than I thought to getting around to getting this Web Site off the ground. At
Christmas time , we had a serious family illness to deal with and then I ended up getting sick
myself. All better now and anxious to share myself with the world.

The first critiques from my Beta readers regarding CHRONICLES FROM THE HALL are in and
so far everybody is loving the book. I’m so happy about the reactions thus far. I’m still
planning on an early fall release date so stay tuned. If any of you are liking my site please tell
your friends and acquaintances about it. The more people who tune in the happier I’ll be.
As promised back in December, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite spots to read and relax
and other pretty pics that I’ve put together over the years.

It’s Valentines Day and I wish all you love birds out there a happy one. If you’re alone , then be
good to yourself and enjoy a great meal and a glass of wine.

My second letter will be posted in the next day or two. This time it’s a series of diary
entries. This was published several years ago in an anthology entitled FROM THE PIER AND
BEYOND. Anyone who has ever dealt with depression will definitely relate to this one. As time
goes on you’ll get a greater incite into my writing style and how my dark little mind can be. I’ll
try to lighten up from time to time hope to have new entries posted every two weeks or so.
Don’t forget to keep coming back for more.

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the anthologies that my works have been published
in please let me know in the comments. They will be shipped free of charge.
I’ll also be uploading favourite recipes regularly as promised. I’ll try to have fresh and
interesting content on a regular basis and keep you updated on any published works including
the new book. In the meantime….SHARE…SHARE…SHARE.

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