Blog June 18, 2018

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Hi all,  It’s been much too long since I last blogged.  Since I last posted we’ve travelled to some amazing places, returned to the quiiet life (or so we thought) and generally gotten on with things.  I’ve been working really hard on book promotion, especially on social media.  I’m now one of Twitter’s newest members and unexpectedly enjoying it very much.  It’s become a wonderful place to get in touch and form relationships with other authors and educational as well.

We had an especially good time in London.  The city, as always, was bustling and dynamic and ranks up there as one of my favourites.  We got out of the city for awhile and explored the amazing beauty of The Cotswolds.  We also made some new friends, an added bonus, and are in regular touch with them.  We hope to travel together again sometime.  My husband has had enough of travelling for awhile, but me…I’d go again tomorrow.

My book, CHRONICLES FROM THE HALL, has had a “soft launch” on and and so far the reviews have all been excellent.  My official print launch is scheduled for September 26th here in Sydney, Nova Scotia at the Old BMO Building on Charlotte Street at 7 pm.  I hope that all you locals will save the date.  More details to follow.

I’ve had said a sad a sad goodbye to a very close and dear friend this past week.  It’s been tough.  She put up a courageous fight and I’ll miss her dearly.

In the next few days, I’ll be posting an essay about the death of my father so check back for that.  I urge all of you who’ve lost a parent at a young age to read it.  It came straight from my heart and was a difficult piece to write.

A new recipe goes up today as well.  This time its one of my own creations and makes a great  hot-weather supper.  Best of all, its easy.  So long until next week.  Christine

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