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My name is Christine MacKinnon and I live in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.  I’ve spent most of my adult life working in one field of the creative arts or another.  In 1997, after being diagnosed with a chronic illness, some art forms were no longer physically possible so I turned to the one thing that I’ve always dreamed of doing and that is writing.  I, like most teenagers with a creative spirit, dabbled in poetry, but after taking some university courses found my true love to be fiction.

I belong to a writer’s group called WHITNEY WRITERS INK.  We have published three anthologies of our short stories.  They’re entitled: FROM THE PIER AND BEYOND, A TRAIL OF WORDS AND SUN AND SHADOWS.  In 2009, I entered and received honorable mention in the Beatrice Fines Award for Literature.  This short story is entitled, TIGER THE LIONHEARTED.

I have just completed a novel called CHRONICLES FROM THE HALL which is a memoir.  It tells of my life in a Roman Catholic boarding school during my teen years.    I am simultaneously researching a novel loosely titled, SARAH’S SETTLE which is set on The Southern Shore of Newfoundland.   I was born and raised in Newfoundland and I use the island as the backdrop for both books.

I love a good mystery laced with twists and turns and my short stories are usually written in this vein, most often with dark and foreboding characters.

I’m married and have one son and a granddaughter.